Transworld Imports Inc.  started over 30 years ago as a distributor of consumer products to all  segments of the retail trade in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  The customer base  included every type of retailer, from large national chains to the "Ma and Pa" corner stores.  From these humble beginnings, Transworld Imports Inc. grew steadily in size and scope. The company’s principal objective of selling quality consumer products while providing superior service propelled its growth.  Product lines, comprised of  both imported and distribution items, as well as a broadening of the company's customer base across the country, and now around the World, has helped establish Transworld Imports Inc. as one of the major sources of merchandise for the retail market.


Transworld Imports Inc’s “big picture” vision, along with our attention to detail, will continue to spur our growth for years to come.


Transworld Hospitality Inc. has at its roots the history of Transworld Imports Inc.,


As Transworld Imports Inc. greatly expanded its importing capabilities, its own product base grew exponentially.  Having also increased the number of brands carried,  the company became a primary source for hospitality properties to look to for needed products.  Almost  a decade ago, Transworld Hospitality Inc. was incorporated as its own entity in order to better serve the specific needs of our Hospitality and Foodservice clients.


In the summer of 2009, Transworld Hospitality Inc. purchased Gaults Hospitality.  This  purchase enabled us to increase our purchasing power, as well as expand further into the Hospitality and Foodservice industries. 


Transworld Hospitality Inc. now provides Hotel & Resort developers a One-Stop shop for all their needs.  The product lines have been expanded even further with items specifically targeted to this clientele and its client base now comprises the foremost leaders in the Hospitality Industry.





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