About Us

Transworld Imports Inc.,  is a well respected and long established Importer and Wholesale Distributor of consumer products to the retail trade in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  The company’s objective from day one has been to sell quality consumer products while providing superior service has enabled us to grow over the years. This growth includes adding product lines, both imported and distribution items, as well as broadening our customer base across the country, and now around the World.


Transworld Hospitality Inc. is a leading supplier to Hospitality, Foodservice, Healthcare and other clientele. From Hospitality Linens to Amenities, from Housewares to Housekeeping, from Electronics to Furnishings, from Small Appliances to Laundry & Bath Items, we either stock, or can special order tens of thousands of items from around the globe. We have strong relationships with world class vendors, and we use our extensive purchasing expertise to ensure our own import products are nothing but world class, while maintaining affordability.


With Transworld’s “Room-in-a-Box” & ‘Suite-in-a-Box programs, we have established a Canadian standard for complete room setup, including furniture, furnishings, appliances, electronics, linens, room amenities, housewares and much more. All these programs are custom tailored to meet required specifications while staying within budgets.




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